What Is The Best Season To Travel?

Among family and friends, there is always debate about when is the best season to travel. The fact is, the answer depends on a number of things. Where are you traveling to, what activities do you plan to do while there, and even when airline tickets are cheapest. Of course there are logistics as well that come into play, like when do the kids have time off from school, or work deadlines. If you are thinking of going on holiday soon, and need some ideas on what time of year is best for you, consider this article a great starting point.

Summer Travel

Warm Weather

If you are planning a vacation to an area that is in the northern hemisphere and has all four seasons, the summer months are likely the most comfortable to go. No need to pack heavy clothing (Learn how to pack light!), which makes flying all that much easier. You can enjoy attractions in comfort, and take pictures in the sun.

Fewer Travel Delays

If you are flying or driving, the summer is the best time to avoid storms and airport delays. Typically the worst parts of driving in the summer are rain storms, and airports are usually on schedule. This can save you precious time when often holiday time is limited, and allow you to get in more sights that otherwise might be missed.

Summer Vacation

If you’re a parent and plan to bring the kids along on holiday, one of the easiest times to go is during their summer break. More time can be taken off (a few weeks if wanted versus no more than a week during the school year) and no need to take along books or other school items for projects or homework.

Busier Attractions

There are some downfalls to traveling in the summer. One major one is that everyone else is also traveling. Hotels are often jam packed, restaurants are harder to get into, and attractions are full of tourists. The trick here is to plan ahead as best as possible, and have a patient, relaxed outlook. Keep in mind that in any new place, the people who live there and travel there are attractions in and of themselves. Appreciate the local culture, and learn about tourists’ background as well.

Southern Areas Will Be Hot

Traveling to the south during the summer can be a bit difficult when temperatures can rise into the triple digits. Consider going in the winter months if possible, when temps will be much milder. Or travel to warm destinations that are dryer, like Arizona or California.

Winter Travel

Fewer Tourists

In the winter months, especially in cooler climates, attractions and tourist areas are much quieter and less traveled. Hotels are less expensive and easier to book, and area sights are often vacant. You might need to bring a bit more clothing with you to stay warm, but the places you really want to see will be all that much easier to get into.

Mild Weather in the South

If you travel down south during the winter, you’ll enjoy a break from the cold and some fun in the sun. Often temperatures range from the 60s to the 80s, but the humidity is a great deal less. You won’t have to worry as much about getting burned, although sunscreen is still a good idea. Keep in mind that hurricane season goes from about September to late November in the southern US, so avoiding the gulf coast during that time is usually a good idea.

More Travel Delays

Unfortunately, roads and airports experience more delays and cancellations during the winter months. Storms can cause roads to be shut down, and planes to be grounded, sometimes for many hours or even days. Even though airport staff and local municipalities do their best to keep things clear and moving, make sure to give yourself a day or so on each end of your trip in case a big storm hampers your plans.

Limited Vacations

For many that work in school related fields, or who have children, you know how difficult it can be to plan a trip during the school year. Breaks are rarely more than a week at best, and destinations are overloaded with other parents and children. Flights are the most expensive around Thanksgiving and Christmas, as are hotels. If you plan to travel during these times, plan far in advance in order to get cheaper tickets, and look for areas that are not as highly advertised.

Traveling during the winter and summer each has their own pros and cons. Weigh them each against your intended destination, budget and lifestyle. There really is no wrong choice, but rather better choices based on many different factors. Doing your research beforehand and proper planning will make your next holiday that much more enjoyable and fun!