Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation

For many people vacation is the time to get away from the routine of every-day life. Most of us leave town to explore new places, immerse ourselves in a different culture and even enjoy the local cuisine. But what about exercise, which for many of us is a daily occurrence? Should we skip the workouts and indulge in whatever foods we want? A lot of people, whether consciously or not, say yes. During vacation, this isn’t a problem, as it is hard to find good places to work-out, and even tougher to eat healthy. The downside to this is that it makes for an even harder return to normal life once we return home.

Of course, sticking to your daily regimen will be difficult. But compromise is the key. It may not be possible to exercise every day while on vacation, or eat healthy at every meal. Especially when traveling to and from your destination. But if you would like to keep up your fitness, and make life easier once you return home, we think finding some unique ways to exercise and ordering healthy when you can actually be easy and fun!

Exercise Ideas

Running and Walking

If you are an avid runner, or even run at the gym, doing so while on vacation is one of the easiest ways to stay fit. You can run just about anywhere, outside your hotel, at the beach, through the woods or even amidst a suburban neighborhood. Packing to run is also easy, all you need are some shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. Especially if you are only away for a short time, running will keep your stamina up and your heart healthy. If you are not a runner, you can always walk. Often walking is incorporated into your vacation as you explore, but sometimes to get your heart rate up, a power walk on the beach or on your hotel treadmill can do an even better job.


In many tourist areas, in the US and beyond, pedal bikes are for rent to explore and navigate your way through new areas. Not only does this form of exercise increase the amount you can see in a day, but it also keeps you in shape. Whether you are biking through on trails or pavement, this is a great way to stay in shape while far from home.

Tennis and Golf

If you happen to be at a resort, it is most likely that tennis courts and golfing greens are easily accessible. Often times renting equipment is included in your resort fee (or at a small cost) so there is no need to bring special equipment with you. These sports are also a great way to bond with family or friends who are with you on vacation.

Swimming and Snorkeling

If you are anywhere near water, swimming is a great way to exercise, soak up the sun and enjoy beautiful views. If you snorkel (or want to learn) you can take in gorgeous underwater views and learn about the local aquatic life. Take care to wear sunscreen and watch out for any fish of the toothed variety.

Hiking and Rock Climbing

Depending on your skill level, you can seek out local hiking and climbing trails. Some areas will have guides to take you up and back down, or you can go it alone. More so than a brisk walk, hiking and climbing will get your heart rate up and allow you to explore the terrain and wildlife. If you are in unknown areas, be sure to bring plenty of water and a map.

In addition to exercise, eating healthy is also often difficult to do while on vacation. Here are some tips for adding in some healthy meals and even spending less money while away.

Buy Groceries

It sounds silly, but if you rent a timeshare, house or anywhere there is a fridge and stovetop, it might be worthwhile to buy groceries. Meals are always cheaper when made at home, and it is much easier to eat right. Make a small list and make it part of your exploration of a new place. Seek out a grocery store you’ve never heard of (in many countries this will be easy) and buy a few items that are only local to the area. You can even ask someone locally how to make a meal with these new items. By even incorporating one meal per day that is made at home (or your home away from home) you can save money and keep calories down.

Drink Water

While at restaurants at home and abroad, drinks can often add up quickly, especially for families. Depending on the area, try drinking water at one meal per day. Not only will this keep you more hydrated, but it will also keep your dinner bill down.

Pack a Lunch

While you are exploring on your rented bike or hiking through waterfalls, you can easily carry a small pack with items for a quick lunch. This will deter you from buying expensive food from vendors or restaurants and give you more time to see new things.

Even though vacation is a time for relaxing and living it up, it can also be a time to stay fit and eat healthy. These things do not have to be forgotten nor do they need to be a burden. Adding in just a few of these tips can keep you feeling refreshed and energized while on vacation, and make the transition back to home life that much easier!