6 Things You Should Pack When Traveling to Wilton Manors

6 Things You Should Pack When Traveling to Wilton Manors

There are a few must-have items you don’t want to forget to pack when traveling to Wilton Manors, including several bathing suits, protective sun gear, light-weight clothing, and comfortable walking shoes. 

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Don’t forget to pack all of the necessities for your trip – here are some of the most important things you don’t want to forget.

6 Things You’ll Need When Visiting Wilton Manors

A Bathing Suit (or two or three)

Located right alongside the coast, and with no shortage of pools or sunshine, a bathing suit is a must-pack item when traveling to Wilton Manors. Warm weather activities are going on almost all year long, with peak season between early November and early May. Of course, the sun is still shinning in the peak of summer, just get ready for some top-notch temperatures. Luckily, some of us can’t get enough heat. Hot season is between June 3 and September 30.

You’ll want to bring more than one swimsuit, as it can take some time for one suit to dry out. Plus, it’s always nice to have options.


Don’t forget your umbrella if you are traveling here in June – when the majority of the annual rainfall occurs. According to weatherspark.com, “most rain falls during the 31 days centered around June 18, with an average total accumulation of 6.3 inches.”

No need to worry, it’s not going to rain all day or ruin your good time. Even if it rains a little here and there, you can still expect warm weather suitable for sporting your bathing suit and enjoying the sun.

A little suspicious of umbrellas? A poncho works too and is easy to fold up and put in your bag when not in use.

Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Bring all of your protective sun gear – you’re coming to the sunny state where the UV rays are in high effect. A sun hat or visor is another great option to help keep the sun off your beautiful skin.

Loose, Light-weight Clothing

Loose and breezy clothing will keep you feeling nice and cool as you explore the city and all that it has to offer. There’s a real casual feel in the air around here, so come prepared to dress in relaxed, stylish comfort.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Staying at Inn on the Drive? You are within walking distance to all the hot spots in Wilton Manors. To take advantage of all the city has to offer, make sure to pack your comfortable walking shoes. Even better bring waterproof soles if you have them, just in case you want to cruise the beach or a local river in your shoes.


Your smartphone might be all you need to take great pictures, but if you prefer a little higher quality photo, don’t forget to bring your camera. From beautiful wildlife, to epic sunsets along the coastline, there is so much worth capturing on film.

Clothes to Pack by Season

Spring & Summer

Expect temperatures to range around 75 to 80 degrees, with highs in the lower 90s. Pack loose, flowy and comfortable clothing. Consider packing a light jacket just in case you get chilly indoors – people tend to blast the AC around here.

Fall & Winter

Expect temperatures to range between 40 and 77 degrees. It’s not too hot or too cold in the winter in Florida. You’ll still want to pack your sunscreen and other protective sun gear. Most people still wear shorts in the winter but bring at least one pair of pants in case you get cold. Light weight long sleeves or t-shirts with a light jacket should keep you plenty warm. You may still end up breaking a sweat, so make sure to still bring plenty of summer-style clothing.