6 Reasons Wilton Manors Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

6 Reasons Wilton Manors Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

There are so many reasons to add Wilton Manors to your travel bucket list – for one, you can enjoy the perks of a small town with all the fun of a big city. There are so many parks and so much wildlife to take in. Plus, there are beaches, bars, and a thriving nightlife – Wilton Manors offers the best of everything. A chance to relax, as well as a chance to get out and do, and party the night away if you so choose.

6 Reasons to Visit Wilton Manors

Small-town Atmosphere with Big-City Amenities

Enjoy the feel of a small town without missing out on the fun of an urban city. You can escape to a quiet park, spend the day at the beach, or enjoy a thriving nightlife where the crazies come out to play! There are top-notch dining establishments alongside ma and pop restaurants with cozy booth seats and plaid tablecloths. You truly get the best of both worlds here.

It’s South Florida’s Most Famous Gayborhood

You must experience South Florida’s most famous gayborhood – there’s nothing else quite like this incredible place.

Residents and tourists alike consider it the epicenter of the gay community. There are countless gay bars and a history deeply rooted in gay rights and victories.

Did we mention nearly the entire city council is gay? Plus, our city is home to the Pride Center, a community center offering a “safe space” to the LGBT community, as well as a place to host meetings and activities.

Every year our city attracts some 30,000 people as a result of its annual Stonewall Pride Festival and Parade. There’s also the Stonewall National Museum – a gallery of LGBT cultural gems and historical artifacts, including digital archives and visual exhibitions that aim to promote a better understanding of LGBT culture.

Wilton Manors is Super Close to Fort Lauderdale

Expand your vacation and venture into Fort Lauderdale – a larger city with lots to do and plenty of shopping. The two cities border one another, and one practically spills into the another. In fact, there are lots of close-by areas to visit while you’re in Wilton Manors, including highly coveted Miami.

So Much Good Stuff to Eat & Drink

There’s Stork’s bakery (where you must try the Storkberry Pie), Wilton Creamery, Wolsen Caffe, Burgers & Beers, Bubbles and Pearls – the list goes on and on! There are so many delicious and unique places to grab a bite to eat, along with something yummy to drink.

Beautiful Parks with So Much Nature to Take In

Looking to escape the city scene and enjoy some peace and tranquility in nature? You’re in luck! Wilton Manors is home to many beautiful parks that are overflowing with nature and wild critters. There’s Colohatchee Park, Hagen Park, Mickel Park, Donn Eisele Park, and Richardson Historic Park and Nature Preserve. In total, there are a dozen family-friendly parks in the area.

Wilton Manors is known as the “Island city” because it is surrounded by little canals with small bridges – offering even more chances to enjoy the beautiful scenery that envelopes this special town. There are storks, ducks, ibises, egrets, a large variety of heron and mangrove-lined preserves with raised boardwalks that allow you to get up close and personal with local wildlife.

Lots of Activities to Keep You Busy

From golfing to fishing and surfing too, there are endless activities to partake in when visiting Wilton Manors. Take a kayak or canoe out on the water, you can actually kayak around most of the city, which is a great way to take it all in. There’s a weekend farmer’s market near city hall. And local bars and restaurants are always hosting fun game nights, karaoke events, and weekend dance parties.

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